Sebastian – The Angora Goat

A Goatie Birthday Party

Sebastian 1 Year Old

I helped a friend in need move her and her goats from AZ to MO in 2000 – she & her 50+ goats came to stay at my farm for awhile – on the evening of June 14th 2000, she came into the kitchen with what appeared to be a dead newborn baby – I was at the stove cooking dinner – she dropped him at my feet and said he was dead.. (seriously not a cool move on her part). He had been born in the pasture and his mom  walked away not tending to  him – I saw a slight movement, turned off the stove and immediately grabbed up this baby, there was still a bit of life in him  but he was chilled  (a newborn problem when a baby goat doesn’t not get nutrition in them  directly after being born no matter what the outside temperature is) – My son’s girlfriend and I got to work on him with a hair dryer to warm him up and got some sugar into his system to bring his blood sugar up.. we worked for over 2 hours  and yes we got this tiny guy back on his feet – He was Now MY baby goat – We named him Sebastian meaning “heroic in virtue”.   That was 20 years ago today.  Sebastian has most definitely slowed down and has lost most of his teeth but today is his 20th Birthday  and we WILL have a birthday party when it cools down this evening – Photos following:

Happy Birthday Sebastian!


ALSO  Please enjoy photos of some of his past birthday Parties!