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Goat Yoga Is a Thing

Goat yoga is a thing

– and hundreds are lining up for it
Says CNN

And they aren’t kidding!

Goat yoga is a thing

Every once in awhile, you stumble upon a phrase that immediately incites you to learn more. “Goat yoga” is one of those times!

Bring a Yoga Mat and an Open Mind. Goats Are Provided

says the New York Times


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Trendy Goat Yoga Wear

So what’s the big deal you ask? GOATS ! The Goats are the big deal – lay people (those who do not raise goats  )  are finally getting it! That goats are  awesome creatures and a lot of fun to play with and be around.  Those of us Who DO raise goats are thinking.. WHY Didn’t I think of that?  Well if you are  like me – it never occurred to us that all those hours laying in the grass letting the goats jump all over us and playing with them was a potential money maker –  If you  can teach yoga and you have goats I suggest  to jump on the bandwagon NOW!  I’m sure there are many places who need  Goat Yoga  classes offered – there are just a few now..

And the goats are loving it too. “They want to be where the people are,” says Morse (of the Oregon Goat Yoga Class) . They’ll walk around and sit on the mats and chew their cud, which is so methodical.

Our Favorite (being we are from Arizona) are the Az Goat Yoga classes

AZ Goat Yoga





Goats being the curious  creatures they are and naturally loving, make a perfect combination for  stress relief and  getting back in touch with nature.

We (heart) Love Goat Yoga  as much as we love our goats!

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It’s hard to be sad and depressed when there are baby goats jumping around-  even  adult goats – those eyes will melt you every time – Goat Happy Hour is the best way to describe  the time spent doing  Yoga routines with the goats – Goats are natural Stress Busters  – anyone who has spent countless hours with them will tell you – it is impossible to be in a bad mood around goats .  So while Goat Yoga may sound  like  just a trend,  I think this is a trend that will stay for quite awhile.

GetYerGoat™ Presents great Goat Yoga designs. Goat Yoga is the latest craze! Doing yoga at a farm near you with playful goats dancing around and on you during your yoga session – this is nature’s stress buster for sure.

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