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Home > GetYerGoat Goat Gift shop for Goat Lovers > GoatNotes Greeting Cards

Unique and original Greeting Cards with Goats on them- You won't find these goat greeting cards at Hallmark or American Greeting. (yet- we're working on it though)
In the meantime, if you want a Goat Birthday Card, Goat Christmas Cards, Goat All Occasion Cards, Goat Anniversary Cards, Goat Valentine's Day Cards, or just about any other card you can think of for any reason- we will have them here.

GoatNotes™ at GetYerGoat™ Goat Gift Shop

Our GoatNotes™ Greeting Cards come in sets of 10 and 20 (all one design) - Our GoatNotes™ Note cards come in sets of 10 and 20 also. We have GoatNotes™ postcards in sets of 8... And NOW we have single GoatNotes™ Greeting cards available too!

GoatNotes™ Greeting Cards and GoatNotes™ Note Cards come in either Glossy finish or Matte finish and have envelopes to go with them.

This section will carry GoatNotes™ Greeting cards especially designed as Greeting cards- (some even match what we have on apparel now) BUT we will also have them available for most Goat t-shirt, Goat Apparel and goat gifts too- so when you purchase a gift for someone you can also purchase a matching gift card- (geeze I wish we had wrapping paper too!)

We always like comments and suggestions- and never turn down kudos to our products- email us and let us know what you think!
Thank you for Shopping at GetYerGoat™

Click on an item to get more information on it (or if you want to buy it, of course).

Goat Buck OFF
Goat Buck OFF
Contest Winning Slogan- Buck Off- This is Goat Attitude at it's best. Thanks to Carolyn Mason of Arizona who came up with the wining slogan for this goat cartoon.
Goat Love
Goat Love
Red Hearts and a Cute Goat - What more could a lover want? Goat Greeting Cards for anyone in love - send one to your favorite Honey.
Goat and Girl
Goat and Girl
Whimsical painting of a girl holding onto her summer hat while her young goat tries to grab it. This little girl is in a old fashioned frilly dress with her Summer Bonnet.
Goat Get Well-HaySicky
Goat Get Well-HaySicky
Cute Cartoon Get Well Goat Greeting Card to send and brighten anyone's day. This little Green goat looks like he doesn't feel good.. you know how it is.
Goat OutStanding
Goat OutStanding
Goats are OutStanding in their field - SHowing goats in a field.. standing.. Kind of a double meaning clever word play - Great Goat Occasional Cards- Blank inside.
Goat Morning Snack
Goat Morning Snack
Goat Greeting Cards with an old fashioned feel. All occasion cards for sending to anyone any time. Goat Lovers Gifts and anyone who loves the feel of the old barnyard.
Goat Thinking of You
Goat Thinking of You
This Whimsical Angora Goat doe and her kid laying in the springtime meadow is calming, beautiful with the sentiment Thinking of You- A perfect All occasion Goat Greeting Card.
Goat Glacier
Goat Glacier
Contemporary painting of this fiber goat standing on a Glacier- No - I don't know how she would have gotten there.. but it makes a nice All Occasion Goat Card for anyone who loves blue and goats. ;)
Goat Across the Miles
Goat Across the Miles
Goat Lovers Across the Miles Card for when you may not have kept in touch as often as you would have- A long country road winding through this meadow and two goats enjoying the springtime.
Old Goat Anniversary
Old Goat Anniversary
Our Old Goat Anniversary Series- Old Goat Anniversary, 25th Anniversary and 50th Anniversary are featured. Hilarious Old Goats, gray and wrinkled and a lot of fun- One of our most popular.
Old Goat Birthday 4 Her
Old Goat Birthday 4 Her
Need a funny Birthday card for the gal who is an Old goat? These make perfect Birthday cards for someone turning 30 or 40 or even 50. Invitations and Party favor magnets too.
Old Goat Birthday 4 Him
Old Goat Birthday 4 Him
Funny Old Goat Birthdays Cards for him, Old Goat cards for his bachelor Party too and for his retirement- Cards make great invitations for the party

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