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Home > GetYerGoat Goat Gift shop for Goat Lovers > Goat Moms and Babies

Goat Lovers Maternity Wear for Moms Cute Baby Gear for Babies

Designed for the New Baby and New Moms- and all the Moms-to-Be
Goat Style!

If you need something unique for a new mom or mom-to-be and she happens to be a goat nut- this section is just what the 'vet' ordered.

Goat themed baby shower gifts, gifts for new babies and moms-to-be.

Don't forget: The bibs, jumpsuits, and infant tees now come in blue and pink besides white- and the Women's raglan hoodie and track suits also come in pink and blue besides black!
*Great Gift Idea:
GOAT Tote bag with bib, jumpsuit and infant tee and a T-shirt for mom too - for a GREAT Baby shower gift.
Matching GOAT Coffee Mug filled with gourmet coffee beans, a Great T-shirt and tote bag for a new mom to be..Or New mom.
Have fun and don't forget-Maternity t-shirts for goat owners
Promote the Goat™ is a trademarked GetYerGoat™ Logo, used exclusively on GetYerGoat™ Goat Apparel and goat gifts - Get the Original, Get the Best, GetYerGoat™!
Designs available on : Goats T-shirts, Goats on Maternity t-shirts, and Goats every-WEAR! GetYerGoat Gets YOUR Goat!

Click on an item to get more information on it (or if you want to buy it, of course).

New Baby
New Baby
Just the perfect gift for New Babies and New Moms - this Baby Goat has just hatched out of it's egg- Do YOU have a hatchling on the way? Cool Maternity wear.
This Adorable Baby goat kissing her mom is just too cute and the perfect gift for those young girls and baby apparel.
Mother's Love-Goat and Baby
Mother's Love-Goat and Baby
There is nothing so precious to me than a baby goat and New mom getting to know each other for the first time. This baby goat is kissing her mom for the first time.
Pygmy Twins
Pygmy Twins
Do you know someone who just had twins and you need the perfect unique gift? These two priceless baby pygmy goats sleeping together makes a perfect New Mommy of Twins gift for anyone.
Double Trouble Twins
Double Trouble Twins
Are you seeing Double or is that a cute set of twins? Irresistible pygmy goat babies just for twins.
I'm Cute Goat
I'm Cute Goat
Perfect baby gift for the kid with ugly parents. Parody of the popular 'If you think I'm cute, You should see my daddy/mommy'
Proud Mom of New Kids on the Block
Proud Mom of New Kids on the Block
Are you the Proud Mom of a New Baby? New Twins? New Triplets? Perfect match for New Kid on the Block Baby Apparel.
New Kid on the Block
New Kid on the Block
Is your baby the New Kid on the Block? Maybe you have twins- Or? Triplets? Baby Goat on Baby Blocks- too cute Baby Apparel just for you!
Discover Yourself Baby Goat
Discover Yourself Baby Goat
Finding fingers, Finding toes- learning new things- All wonderments of being a baby or growing up- This Baby Goat is Discovering the reflection in the pond with the cutest look!
Udderly Cute
Udderly Cute
Goats are wonderful, especially when you can play on words with them. Do you play well with Udders?
Goat -Cutest Kid Ever
Goat -Cutest Kid Ever
Do you have the Cutest Kids Ever? This is your Goat T-shirt! Great New Mommy Gifts for that special new mom.
Due to Kid
Due to Kid
Most definitely for the Goat Crazy Mom-to-Be Pregnant? When is YOUR kidding date?
Goat-Got Bah?
Goat-Got Bah?
Ok so it's baby-talk, but we use it here- for our bottle babies.. and yes, I used it for my son when he was a baby.
Goat-Mommy of Twins
Goat-Mommy of Twins
Are you the proud (and tired) mom of twins? Well? Here's your shirt.

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