Goat Breeds Painted Portraits

Home is Where My Goats Are

Home is where My Goats are goat T-shirt by GetYerGoat™

Goat Breeds Painted Portraits of 10 different goat breeds –  A collection of 10 different goat portraits,  each one painted separately and then arranged in a group  to make this beautiful collage of goat breeds to please any goat owner,  goat breeder or goat lover.  The backgrounds on some of the products are watercolor painted backgrounds digitally reproduced to  set off the  goat  portrait collage  in an artistic light.

Goat Breeds Painted Portraits

Take a look at the detail of these pretty little goats- (Hover over image on desktop  computer or tap twice for  mobile devices to scan over image detail )

Goat Breeds Painted Portraits Detail

 Home Decor Products

we offer  many items to  add to your home decor- if you would like to see something  we do not yet offer – please let us know using our contact form –   and we will do our best to accommodate you!

MORE Goat Breeds Painted Portraits

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Goat Yoga Is a Thing

Goat yoga is a thing

– and hundreds are lining up for it
Says CNN

And they aren’t kidding!

Goat yoga is a thing

Every once in awhile, you stumble upon a phrase that immediately incites you to learn more. “Goat yoga” is one of those times!

Bring a Yoga Mat and an Open Mind. Goats Are Provided

says the New York Times


If you Really want to Show your Style -Get your very own

Trendy Goat Yoga Wear

Goat Yoga Shirt, Goat Yoga leggings, Goat Yoga shoes

Trendy Goat Yoga Wear

So what’s the big deal you ask? GOATS ! The Goats are the big deal – lay people (those who do not raise goats  )  are finally getting it! That goats are  awesome creatures and a lot of fun to play with and be around.  Those of us Who DO raise goats are thinking.. WHY Didn’t I think of that?  Well if you are  like me – it never occurred to us that all those hours laying in the grass letting the goats jump all over us and playing with them was a potential money maker –  If you  can teach yoga and you have goats I suggest  to jump on the bandwagon NOW!  I’m sure there are many places who need  Goat Yoga  classes offered – there are just a few now..

And the goats are loving it too. “They want to be where the people are,” says Morse (of the Oregon Goat Yoga Class) . They’ll walk around and sit on the mats and chew their cud, which is so methodical.

Our Favorite (being we are from Arizona) are the Az Goat Yoga classes

AZ Goat Yoga





Goats being the curious  creatures they are and naturally loving, make a perfect combination for  stress relief and  getting back in touch with nature.

We (heart) Love Goat Yoga  as much as we love our goats!

I Love Goat Yoga Tshirt - popular goat shirts by GetYerGoat.com

It’s hard to be sad and depressed when there are baby goats jumping around-  even  adult goats – those eyes will melt you every time – Goat Happy Hour is the best way to describe  the time spent doing  Yoga routines with the goats – Goats are natural Stress Busters  – anyone who has spent countless hours with them will tell you – it is impossible to be in a bad mood around goats .  So while Goat Yoga may sound  like  just a trend,  I think this is a trend that will stay for quite awhile.

GetYerGoat™ Presents great Goat Yoga designs. Goat Yoga is the latest craze! Doing yoga at a farm near you with playful goats dancing around and on you during your yoga session – this is nature’s stress buster for sure.

Check out the great Goat Yoga designs we already have to offer in our shop – adding more each week.

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I Just Freaking LOVE Baby Goats

Baby Goat Portrait Paintings

Goat Lovers Understand the saying:

I Just Freaking LOVE Baby Goats

Baby Goat Portrait Paintings

I Just Freaking LOVE Baby Goats

Nothing more cute than a baby goat – THESE baby goats are adorable – I Just Freaking LOVE Baby Goats OK – I love Baby Goats … I Love Kidding Season….  I Love goats period..  all year round Great conversation starter especially to wear to goat shows –  Original goat portrait paintings by GetYerGoat™

We have recently added Baby Goer Goats too – bringing our goat breed paintings up to seven – Boer goat, Pygmy goat, LaMancha Goat, Nigerian Dwarf goat, Toggenburg goat, Saanen goat, Alpine goat and Pygora goat.

I Just Freaking LOVE Baby Goats

Baby Boer Goat Portrait

We have created these  portraits of baby goats so they look great on any color background – whether you choose a light colored shirt or black  these baby goat portraits will look great !

Some of the products are even more customizable – the pillows, totes and mugs can  have any color background you select  – if you see a product we do not yet offer let us know and we will place the portrait on that product for you  to purchase – we welcome  questions and requests –

for a Quick Brush up on kidding, Please visit our sister site – Goat-Link.com and read our kidding page  

Kidding  Supplies:
Minimal supplies you will need.

  1. Clean towels for clearing baby’s nose and drying off baby -(hand towels gotten at the thrift shop are great).
  2. Lubricant for assisting delivery- (Vaseline or KY Jelly will do but there are inexpensive non-greasy lubricants just for lamb and goat obstetrics- my favorite is ‘Superlube’ because it is antiseptic as well).
  3. 7% iodine for navel cord dipping-( a film container works great for dipping navels) So you do not contaminate the whole bottle. You just put iodine in the film container dip navel in iodine and tip bottle and kid to make sure that the navel gets completely covered.
  4. Dental floss or a navel clamp for tying off possible ruptured navels- (this does not happen often, but when it does you’ll need this).
  5. Surgical gloves for keeping hands from transferring germs into mom should you need to assist-(These can be found at Walmart or any of the livestock supply house).
  6. Scissors that have been sterilized, preferably surgical scissors but any will do for cutting navel cords shorter if they break long, you’ll want them about 1 ½ inches long-(kept in a plastic bag to keep them clean).
  7. Alcohol for sterilizing scissors (30 minutes submerged in alcohol will sterilize) and cleaning hands before delivery.
  8. Paper towels for general clean up.
  9. Sterile syringes and needles- I use syringes for everything from injections to administering oral meds- 3 cc and 6 cc are great. (diabetic syringes measured in tenths are great for babies, you may have to change needles.. I have experienced the needles supplied are not strong enough, even for baby) I use short needles ½ inch and 3/4 inch 20 gauge.
  10. BO-SE (selenium /vit E combination to combat white muscle disease) obtained from your vet before the big day for selenium injection for baby- in selenium deficient areas- check with your vet on dosage. ( I use 1/10 cc for pygmy babies)
  11. Penicillin Procaine G in case you have to go inside the doe to assist the delivery, you will want to put her on antibiotics for 5 days afterwards-to be safe.
  12. Nasal spray or hemorrhoid medicine reduce swelling of vulva area in hard deliveries. (Both work great)
  13. Probiotic paste or yogurt to replace the rumen flora after administering any antibiotics. Antibiotics kill good bacteria that keeps the rumen working as well as what bacteria you are combating in the body.
  14. Disposable plain vinegar douche for cleaning out mom after a hard delivery or one with a dead fetus.
  15. Molasses and/or Goat Nutri-Drench for replacing mom with vital minerals and vitamins after kidding, also for quick energy that was depleted during delivery. A bucket or bowl that holds at least a gallon for the warm water you will mix the molasses into. (I use about 1/3 cup to a gallon of water).
  16. Propylene Glycol in case of ketosis-gotten at the vets or livestock supply.
  17. Rectal thermometer for taking baby’s temp or mom’s.
  18. Scale to weigh baby.
  19. Camera and assistant-for recording that wonderful event-I use a video camera so if there are problems later I can look back to see if something went wrong during delivery and I have forgotten-Plus it makes great brag material!
  20. Time to make sure your finger nails are shorter than short and remove any rings or bracelets before delivering kids- you don’t want anything that could tear her uterus should you have to go in to help.


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Just a Goat

Just a Goat!

There is NO Such thing as "Just a Goat"

There is NO Such thing as “Just a Goat”

From time to time friends and family tell me to lighten up, it’s “just a goat” or, that’s a lot of time and money you spend on “just a goat” but they really just don’t understand.While the following aren’t our words – they do reflect our sentiments.

Many hours have passed and my only company was “just a goat”. Some of my proudest moments have come about through “just a goat” and some my saddest moments have been brought about by “just a goat”. But in those times of darkness the gentle touch of “just a goat” gave me comfort and reason to overcome the moment.

“Just a goat” brings into my life friendship, trust and just a lot of joy. “Just a goat” brings out compassion and patience that make me a better person. Because of “just a goat” I rise early every morning rain, hail or shine, take lots of exercise and look longingly into the future. So, for me and other people with goats, it’s not “just a goat”, but all the hope and dreams, many fond memories and the pure joy of the moment.

Just a goat tshirt for women

There is NO Such thing as “Just a Goat”

“Just a goat” brings out what’s good in me and diverts my thoughts away from myself and the worries of the day. If you too think it’s “just a goat”, I hope that someday you can understand that it is the thing that gives me humanity and keeps me from being “just a person”. If you understand that it is not “just a goat’, next time your hear that phrase, just smile because they really just don’t understand.

Written by: Leslie McDowell, reproduced from Australian Goat World 2006
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Goats – I Survived Kidding Season

I Survived Kidding Season

GetYerGoat Funny Goat Shirts for kidding season

Spring has sprung and your does are getting wider by the minute…

She’s moaning with fullness and her udder is starting to fill out.. Your back is aching from all the bending you have been doing checking her time and time again- Just to make sure…It’s Kidding Season! 

At last, the time of year comes when you are ready for babies


The Time is Near:
Ok.. So now you are looking at your calendar and you DID write down the date of breeding right?.. I know you think you will remember what date who bred who.. But believe me .. You won’t be sure as the times nears. So I hope you did write down not only every time you bred but also any time the buck may have gotten out of his pen and with the girls, this is why we have surprise babies. And yes.. I have had my share!
Time to keep an eye on tail ligaments and other signs of oncoming labor.

Typical Signs of Early Labor (Not necessarily in order):

  1. Appears restless, shys away from herd
  2. Eyes glossy or luminous
  3. Paying much attention to her sides and smelling the ground
  4. Pawing at bedding or dirt
  5. Looking behind her and talking to her sides (typically in a voice you have never heard=”mama talk”)
  6. Talks to you alot as if she is telling you she is getting ready (she is, so listen)
  7. Gets dreamy eyed or star-gazy (euphoric)
  8. Looks less pregnant than she did before-sides have hollowed out, under-belly is full
  9. Lifts tail frequently and urinates frequently, usually not much urine at a time
  10. Lays down and gets up more than usual-figidty
  11. Udder begins to fill more-looks tight and shiny-teats get full
  12. Vulva becomes flabby then looks flat and opening looks longer
  13. White discharge (this may or may not happen) changing to an egg-white looking discharge, sometimes may have some blood streaking in it.

Read the entire article here 

And when the babies are all on the ground and you can take a deep breath FINALLY- have a cup of coffee or tea in your favorite Kidding Season Mug

I just read a post from my friend on Facebook and she put it perfectly:

Kidding season… what it means to most is adorable baby goats to play and laugh at antics. To goat breeders it means this and more.

Sleepless nights watching your doe for slightest moves , worry about multiple kids getting tangled and the horrors of difficult births, giving doe proper meds prior too and after kidding to reduce risk of milk fever, ketosis, infection, weak kids who won’t thrive and no matter what you do they pass in your arms, a favorite doe that loses the battle after a difficult kidding and passes away in your arms, work of multiple bottles made everyday for hungry littl monsters.

The list of worries go on and on, but regardless of all of these things the wonderful, playful kids , the miracle of attending the birth of every new life on my farm and the amount of love I receive every day is worth every freezing night and worry imaginable!

God Bless ALL of my goat friends and may you have a safe kidding season , if you don’t you can always call your goat mentor, they are happy to help.

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WIN GoatPedia™ Goat Owner’s Guide and Calendar

WIN GoatPedia™ Goat Owner’s Guide

and Calendar

This has been the Go To Goat Calendar for over a decade  since it’ birth in 1997

More than just a calendar,. this is full of goat care information  that  you will use  for years to come.

 GoatPedia™ Goat Owners Guide and Calendar

Visit our Facebook page 

LIKE OUR PAGE, SHARE, & COMMENT a picture of your #FavoriteGoat (IF you Can) for a chance to win our GoatPedia™ #Goat Owner’s Guide and Calendar – One lucky winner will receive this Must have #2017GoatCalendar — Winner randomly chosen and announced Next Monday January 30, 2017 #GetYerGoat™ brings you ***2017 Goat Owner’s Guide and Calendar *** See ALL the pages here – http://bit.ly/2jRN7tp

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Awesome Goat Lover T-Shirt

Awesome Goat Lover T-Shirt

We offer these for every goat breed.

GetYerGoat offers shirts for goat lovers. Keeping the goat breeder in thought, we offer  the Awesome Goat Lover T-shirt in your breed of choice,  which makes the perfect goat lover’s gift for any occasion. I’m sure you love goats as much as I love goats and I try to offer you any chance to show off your favorite goat breed and add your farm name or herd name.

Wear the Awesome Goat Lover T-Shirt Proudly

 Proclaim your love for your goats! This is what An Awesome Goat Lover looks like- for  Goat Lovers. Add your herd or farm name or delete the option.

More Breeds are available too. Great for Visiting Goat Shows

Simple Thumbs up and goat breed with silhouette of the goat.

Great Goat Lover’s Tshirts, hoodies or sweatshirts  for men or women.


Proclaim your love for your goats! This is what An Awesome Goat Lover looks like- Add your herd or farm name or delete the option. What a fun way to Promote the Goat™ !

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FunnY Weekend Goat Forecast Goat Gifts

FunnY Weekend Goat Forecast Goat Gifts

Weekend Forecast  100% Chance of Milking Shirt

GetYerGoat Shirts for Goat Lovers Weekend Forecast 100% Chance of Milking funny goat shirt


FunnY Weekend Goat Forecast Goat Gifts offers tote bags  too – Customize this Nubian dairy goat bag with your own herd or farm name on the back, silhouette of a Nubian goat with the saying “Weekend forecast, 100% chance of milking” Dairy goat owners and show bag.. Perfect conversation starter at shows. We have many more goat breeds as well – on  various products  funny goat sayings on shirts,
GetYerGoat Shirts for goat lovers, aiming to please the goat lover inside you.

Another Great Goat Shirt for goat lovers!
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Paddy McGinty’s Goat

Val Doonican – 1967

Mister Patrick McGinty, an Irishman of note,
Came into a fortune, so bought himself a goat.
Said he, “Sure, of goat’s milk I mean to have my fill!”
But when he got his Nanny home, he found it was a Bill.

And now all the ladies who live in Killaloo
Are all wearing bustles like their mothers used to do.
They each wear a bolster beneath the petticoat,
And leave the rest to Providence and Paddy McGinty’s goat!

Missis Burke to her daughter said, “Listen, Mary Jane, .
Now who was the man you were cuddling in the lane?
He’d long wiry whiskers all hanging from his chin.”
“Twas only Pat McGinty’s goat, ” she answer’d with a grin.

Then she went away from the village in disgrace,
She came back with powder and paint upon her face.
She’d rings on her fingers, and she wore a sable coat,
You bet your life they never came from Paddy McGinty’s goat.

Little Norah McCarthy the knot was going to tie,
She washed all her trousseau and hung it out to dry.
Then up came the goat and he saw the bits of white:
He chewed up all her falderals, and on her wedding night:

“Oh turn out the gas quick!” she shouted out to Pat,
For though l’m your bride, sure l’m not worth looking at.
I’d got two of ev’rything, I told you when I wrote,
But now I’ve one of nothing, all thro’ Paddy McGinty’s goat.’

Mickey Riley he went to the races t’other day.
He won twenty dollars and shouted, “Hip Hooray!!”
He held up the note, shouting “Look what I’ve got!”
The goat came up and grabbed at it and swallowed all the lot.

“He’s eaten my banknote,” said Mickey, with the hump.
They ran for the doctor, he brought a stomach pump.
He pumped and he pumped for that twenty dollar note,
But all he got was ninepence out of Paddy McGinty’s goat.

Now old Paddy’s Goat had a wonderous appetite,
and one day for breakfast he ate some dynamite.
A whole box of matches he swallowed all serene
and then he went and gobbled up a quart of paraffin.

He sat by the fireside, he didn’t give a hang,
swallowed a spark and exploded and exploded with a bang.
SO if you go to heaven you can bet a dollar note….
that the Angel with the whiskers on is Paddy McGinty’s Goat.

The End

In Honor of Paddy McGinty’s Goat and  All of my Irish friends –

MORE Paddy McGinty’s Goat goodies at GetyerGoat gift shop –

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Goats Make Me Happy

Goats Make Me Happy

On a variety of merchandise for the goat person who has everything – Goats Make Me Happy – a fun and colorful design  features a silhouette of a goat  standing on the word GOATS and the word Happy in a colorful rainbow effect.   Liven up your bathroom with this vivid shower curtain – wear this adorable tee to your next goat event,  carry your morning coffee in the  insulated  travel mug and it is ALWAYS time for goats with this  Goats make me Happy wristwatch – top it all off  with adorable ankle socks featuring this really cute goat design  and carry your goat tote  too.Goats Make Me Happy Goat Gifts at Cafepress

Customize these Goats Make Me Happy Shirts at our Zazzle Shop!

GOATS Make me Happy TshirtGOATS Make me Happy Tshirt

CUSTOM HERD NAME GOATS Make me Happy Pullover SweatshirtsCUSTOM HERD NAME GOATS Make me Happy Pullover Sweatshirts

GOATS Make me Happy TshirtsGOATS Make me Happy Tshirts

GOATS Make me Happy TshirtGOATS Make me Happy Tshirt

CUSTOM HERD NAME GOATS Make me Happy TshirtsCUSTOM HERD NAME GOATS Make me Happy Tshirts

CUSTOM HERD NAME GOATS Make me Happy SweatshirtCUSTOM HERD NAME GOATS Make me Happy Sweatshirt


CUSTOM HERD NAME GOATS Make me Happy T-shirtCUSTOM HERD NAME GOATS Make me Happy T-shirt

CUSTOM HERD NAME GOATS Make me Happy SweatshirtCUSTOM HERD NAME GOATS Make me Happy Sweatshirt

GOATS Make me Happy TshirtGOATS Make me Happy Tshirt

GOATS Make me Happy TshirtsGOATS Make me Happy Tshirts

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